Holy Heatwave, Batman!

Dear Diary,

Holy Heatwave, Batman!!! Yesterday was ridiculously hot and today….well my princessness was melted! I must say that Norma-tude Monday was in full swing. I got a rinse off to help cool me down, but I really didn’t want to be bothered! I just wanted to be left alone sweaty and grumpy! Why is it when you’re already in a grumpy mood, everyone insists on irritating you more? I asked Lisa to get me a Normatude gauge. Kind of like a temperature gauge, only this one tells people when my Normatude is VERY HIGH, HIGH, MODERATE, MILD, VERY LOW. I did have a fan in the alleyway pushing air to me and Toast, I have to admit, the rinse off may have helped a bitty-poo. BUT, a princess should be allowed to be grumpy when it’s miserably hot!! My Normatude registered VERY HIGH on the scale today! Where the heck was that darn cabana boy? I NEEDED fanning with palm fronds and cold beverage with a cute little umbrella!

~One Hot Norma

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