Too Much Graduation!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was so much fun with my graduation and all my friends that surprised me and came to my new place. I didn’t want to wake up at all today and when I finally did, I realized I must have fallen asleep with my party hat on.  I requested multiple cups of coffee which, as usual, I didn’t get. I know I am supposed to be a ray of sunshine, but Diary I am exhausted and have way more Norma-tude than I should. Lisa said I am overly tired from my big day and I didn’t have to do much for the next few days. Summer lessons start next week, and I must get back into the training mode. Lisa calls it summer school. I think I need more sleep. I was up talking with Toast about my new adventures all night, he’s grumpy too this morning. Too much graduation excitement I guess!

~Overly tired Norma

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