Flying With Turkeys

Dear Diary,

In an effort to beat the heat again. I cruised around the barn to visit with one of my friends. RJ is 2 doors down and a pretty low key kind of guy. We chatted for a while and I tried to let him out, but Lisa was right there and I got busted. I did my best to be sneaky, but she said it was obvious by my eye. What the heck is she talking about? She said my Normatude was out in full force…WHATEVER! There has been no pool construction, no cabana boys, and no cool breeze! I was hoping that RJ would help me, but he just stood there looking less than brilliant. How can I be a superstar when I am surrounded by duds? Lisa said I am just hot and crabby. Maybe, but I can’t believe that princesses have to put up with this heat. I am PERSPIRING!!! I hope tomorrow is a better day.

~Flying with turkeys, Norma

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