Beyonce Norma

Dear Diary,
I thought yesterday was hot but holy guacamole it was hot again today! My cabana boy didn’t show up to fan me again. ? Good help is so hard to find these days. So I got in front of the fan for a little breeze through my mane. It really helped. Natalie said I was acting like Beyoncé. Diary I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but either way, I’m thinking she has a lot of Normatude too! Lisa was out early to beat the heat. I am really glad she got my training time in so I could hang out and not get too hot. She said the heat advisory is off on Wednesday. I am ready for that fog to come in. Either I need a more temperate place to live or a swimming pool in the back of my stall. I have requested construction to start IMMEDIATELY! Lisa laughed and said she’d get right on that. I am learning about human sarcasm. 
-Beyonce Norma

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